STEAM Kids Project Extensions

Like what you found in STEAM Kids chapters BUILD, COLOR, PLAY, SENSE & GROW?
Check out these extension projects that keep curious minds growing.
(These are the extensions projects mentioned at the bottom of the projects in the rest of the book.)


Extension projects for activities found in the BUILD chapter:

1. Pitfall Insect Trap:
2. Brush Bots:
3. Paper Plate Marble Maze:
4. Travel Engineering Kit:
5. Building with Straws:
6. PVC Pipe Construction Projects:
7. Circuit Trees:
8. Squishy Circuit Jack ‘o-Lantern:
9. Aluminum Foil Circuits:
10. Stixplosions:
11. 100 Invitations to Build:
12. Preschool Engineering:


Extension projects for activities found in the COLOR chapter:

1. Rainbow Reactions:
2. Pi Day Activities:
3. Paper Marbling:
4. Color Changing Slime:
5. Oil Pastels & Watercolors Science Project:
6. Glow Stick Engineering:
7. Milk Plastic Project Extensions:
8. Math Art Projects:
9. Light Pattern Box:
10. Kirigami Water Blossoms:
11. Walking Water:


Extension projects for activities found in the PLAY chapter:

1. Bubble Patterns:
2. Straw Rockets:
3. Constellation Geoboards:
4. Ice Cream in a Bag:
5. LEGO Marble Maze:
6. Gravity Painting:
7. Coding Games for Kids:
8. Hatching Dino Eggs:
9. DIY Conveyor Belt:
10. Five Field Kono Game:
11. Dara Game:
12. Build a Snack Mix Machine:


Extension projects for activities found in the SENSE chapter:

1. Digital Flower Still Life:
2. Play & Learn with Your Food:
3. Spin Art:
4. Straw Engineering Project:
5. Gummy Bear Grow Experiment:
6. Learning Playdough Mats:
7. Maple Syrup Snow Candy:
8. Gelatin Science & Art Project:
9. DIY Kazoos:



Extension projects for activities found in the GROW chapter:


1. Homemade Fondant:
2. Succulent Terrarium:
3. Plant Lifecycle Activities:
4. Regrowing Vegetables from Scraps:
5. Sensory Bottles:
6. Learning Biology with Homemade Yogurt:
7. Sun Prints:
8. Overnight Crystal Gardens:

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