Your kids are always tinkering, love science and thrive on building new things...

but they are bored way too often.

Sound familiar? Inspiring young minds doesn't have to be such a struggle. 

What you need is a plan. You need a resource at your fingertips that will keep your kids engaged and learning without all the guesswork on your end. 

Built on the expertise of an MIT engineer, award winning educators, graphic designers, and homeschooling experts, STEAM Kids was created to help you inspire your children to: 

question like a scientist 

design like a technologist 

build like an engineer 

create like an artist 

deduce like a mathematician 

– and – 

play like a kid.

STEAM Kids eBook

Inside you’ll find 50+ hands-on STEAM activities plus a bonus STEAM Activity planner perfect for camp, school breaks and homeschooling. This book will help you inspire your kids to engineer, create, design, explore and build the unimaginable. Never again hear the words "I'm bored" muttered from your kids.  



Whether you are new to STEM or not, these easy to duplicate projects will encourage critical thinking skills and scientific processes.


You don't have to be a rocket scientist to engineer these awesome projects with kids. Your kids will be begging to use their creativity to engineer something new and exciting. 


Math doesn't have to be boring and repetitive. Learn how to intertwine math into everyday projects and stretch your child's mathematical thinking.


Introduce and explore coding and technology with ease. Do these awesome projects with materials you have in your own home.


Art doesn't have to be isolated anymore! With these colorful and creative projects, integrating art into everyday scientific discoveries will be as simple as learning your 1, 2, 3s. 


That's right, FUN! These projects are full of joy, excitement, wonder and FUN! Put the fun back in learning and show your kids just how awesome expanding their thinking can be! 

52 STEAM Challenges for Creative Kids (free printable) 

What the Experts Are Saying About STEAM KIDS 

" STEAM Kids is a goldmine of inspiration for parents and educators who are hard-pressed for ideas that straddle the worlds of science, technology, engineering, art, and math. And what fun these projects are! Homemade periscopes, candy mazes, bottle rockets, coding games, tinkering walls. If you’re an after school teacher, classroom educator, homeschooler, or curious parent, this well organized, beautifully photographed book will delight and inspire you and your kids to create, invent, and tinker." 

~ Rachelle Doorley author of Tinkerlab: A Hands-On Guide for Little Inventors and founder of

Meet the Authors of STEAM Kids

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