Really. Your summer can be packed with fun stuff that your kids will still be talking about next summer. And you don't have to plan it.

Because we've been there. Poured over expensive camp schedules. And then thought, $$!! I can plan something myself to save money. I'll just go look on Pinterest for something to do. Next thing you know you're planning a July 4th BBQ, dreaming of an island getaway, and thinking about tomorrow's outfit. And the kids are whining "I'm bored."

It's OK. We get it. But this summer, let us help you. Let us help you create an at-home summer camp filled with epic projects the kids will love. And what if we told you that you could make it educational, too...


Super Fun Activities

Inside you'll find daily themes packed with entertaining and educational projects like Paper Helicopters, Electric Crowns, and Wirly Twirly Flying Birds. PLUS, bonus activities to keep the kids busy while you are! 

Easy Instructions

Perfect for children ages 4-10, all the step-by-step activities are helpfully coded with difficulty indicators and estimated project times.

Camp Success Guide

We've pulled together everything you need to make this DIY camp a success. Like tips on setup, cleanup, how to customize for different ages, and how to easily add learning to the mix. PLUS, you have four camp counselors ready to help you in a private Facebook group!


Inside Camp STEAM you’ll find 5 Days of Activities, packed with:

  • 15 cool STEAM projects 
  • 5 STEAM stations for independent creativity 
  • 5 fun snack ideas 
  • 5 games
  • Bonus activities 

Each project comes with an easy to understand What's the STEAM? lesson, perfect for preventing summer brain drain.

We're here every step of the way to make Camp STEAM a success for you. The guide includes: 

  • How to set it up.
  • Where to hold camp.
  • Shopping lists and tips on how to gather materials .
  • Time management tricks.
  • Tips for dealing with age groups.
  • Cleanup made easy ideas.
  • Learning objectives to stop summer brain drain. 
  • And best practices for working with kids on creative projects.

In the member’s only Camp STEAM Facebook group you’ll find: 

  • Live videos to help you get ready for camp and project demonstrations. 
  • Daily STEAM challenges to add to the fun. 
  • A place to chat with the camp directors (Anne, Ana, Amber, and Emily) if you have questions or need help. 
  • A fun place to share pictures and camp stories with fellow campers. 

Schedules can be tough to keep in the summer, right? So Camp STEAM is on YOUR schedule. This Camp STEAM DIY camp and success guide will be ready for you when you need it, starting June 14th.

If you pre-order now, you get the special price and the guide will be emailed to you on June 14th. And support throughout the summer with our camper Facebook group. We’ll be sharing demo videos, challenges, and a place to chat about camp.  

For those moments when you need a few minutes of free time or want to take the learning further, we’ve included bonus materials that the kids will love:  

  • Paper toys play pack 
  • 100 invitations to build printable 
  • Math coloring book 
  • Introduction to circuits activity worksheets 
  • Curated YouTube Video and book lists

Want to see how much fun you will have with Camp STEAM? Get a sneak peek!

Meet your camp counselors:

The Engineer: Anne is an MIT-educated chemical engineer turned stay-at-home mama. She’s a best-selling author and the creator of Left Brain Craft Brain, a blog packed full of hands-on STEAM fun. 

The Architect: Ana, is an architect, award winning furniture designer and the blogger behind Babble Dabble Do. She’s a professional crafter, amateur scientist, and art teacher to her three children. 

The Art Teacher: Emily has a Master’s Degree in Education from UCLA and 20 years of experience teaching and integrating art at public, private, and charter schools in the Los Angeles area. She also does creative learning plans tutoring. 

The STEAM Teacher: Amber is a mother to two active boys, a blogger and the teacher / owner behind Figment Creative - Art Workshops for Kids in Austin, TX.

I’m new to STEAM, will I be able to run this camp? 

Absolutely! We’ve included everything you need, including easy to understand learning sections for science, tech, engineering, art, & math topics that may be new to you. 

I have kids of different ages and abilities. How do I keep them all engaged in the projects? 

We’ve included easy steps to keep kids of different ages and abilities engaged in the activities. Plus there are easy set-up bonus projects for when someone finishes early. 

I don’t have time to set up a lot of projects, will I be able to do Camp STEAM? 

Yes! With our handy supplies list and camp success guide, 

I can’t afford a lot of special materials, will we like Camp STEAM? 

Yes! Most of the projects use basic craft supplies you probably have on hand and you can pick and choose the ones that work best for your budget.

When will I get my Camp STEAM digital guide? 

Download links for Camp STEAM materials will go out June 14th. But you'll be invited to the Member's Only Facebook Group as soon as your order is processed.