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Last year we blew things out of the water, exceeding all of our expectations, with the highly successful Back To School STEAM Bundle. We paid out thousands to our affiliates and contributors and almost immediately we had requests for us to do it again. So here it is folks!  In August we will once again be offering the ultimate Back To School STEAM Bundle! Save the date for August 7th-12th!

There are some changes, so read on to find out how we are going to make this STEAM Bundle even better.

TL;DR: Last year was HUGE!! This year will be even bigger. August 7th-12th. You want in. Apply HERE.

How does the Back To School STEAM Bundle work?

We are gathering up the best STEAM products from talented teachers, homeschoolers, writers, engineers, and scientists, and putting them together into one massive and amazing bundle. Then for 6 days only we will be selling the bundle at a significantly discounted price (90-95% off SRP). This provides HUGE value to our readers and customers, and HUGE buzz which drives HUGE $ for you. We will be using the power of our STEAM Kids network plus contributors and affiliates to help promote the bundle and get extensive reach. Our goal is to get your product into as many hands as possible! 

What’s New?

This year, we are offering a special new structure to the bundle at the request of our consumers. We will have three products:

  • The Little STEAM Learners Bundle, geared towards 3 to 7 years old.
  • The Big STEAM Learners Bundle geared towards 8 to 12 years old.
  • And… The Ultimate STEAM Learners Bundle which will include both the Little Learners and Big Learners! 

Your readers will have the opportunity to choose the perfect bundle for their needs.

Joining as a Contributor

It is very important to us that this bundle be very high quality. We want the Back To School STEAM Bundle to have a reputation as a top quality resource. We also want only new materials and products, so they are excited to return and buy again, year after year.

What Can I Contribute?

We have a few other guidelines such for each as: 

  • The product must be a STEAM related product, Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Maths. They should encompass at least two of these pillars. However, they do not need to be Back to School themed.
  • If you contributed last year, you must submit a different product this year. We will not accept any repeat products.
  • Contribution product value should be between $5 and $25 (the contributor pot will be divided based on value, details below).
  • Please ensure your product is top quality, clean, attractive, free from any errors, and a showcase of your brand that you are proud to share with the world.
  • The target age for the products will need to fall into one of the categories. Either 3 to 7 years old, or 8 to 12 years old.

To ensure only the best STEAM (Science Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math) products are included, all submissions will be reviewed before acceptance and we’ll be making sure that everything meets the standards for this bundle.  


The sale will run August 7 to 12th, 2019. The deadline for product submissions is May 31, 2019. If you have a product that you would like to submit that may not be quite finished by May 31, please reach out for details on how to apply.

So what’s in it for you?  

OK, we know this is the part you are waiting for! Contributors will get 50% of every sale they make through their affiliate link. Affiliates (non-contributors), will get 40% of every sale. In addition,10% of all sales will be put into a Contributor Pot, which will be divided up between all the contributors. 

The author pot will be divided based on product value. Products worth $5 to $10 get 1 portion, $10 to $15 get 2 portions, and $15 to $20 get 3 portions. Have a product you want to add that is worth more than $20? Just message us with the details so we can chat. 

All payouts are net 45 from the last day of the sale.

Do I have to be a contributor to be an affiliate?

NOPE! If you think this bundle is right for your audience, but you don’t want to submit a product, please join us as an affiliate!

How will the bundle be marketed?

We learned a lot last year with the incredible success of the bundle and this year we are fine tuning our marketing strategy to make it even more successful! We will be pulling out all the stops to make this bundle a success for you. We have a proven landing page that converts, gorgeous product images, sales video, Facebook advertising, Instagram ready images, swipe copy for social media and newsletters. and more.

We will also be using the power of our STEAM Kids network, plus contributors and affiliates, to help promote the bundle and get extensive reach. Our goal is to get your product into as many hands as possible! 

Are you in?

We are very excited for the return of the Back To School STEAM Bundle and would love to have you join us! These bundles are an excellent way to showcase your products and brand to a new audience and build your following. Not sure if you’re able to contribute a product? We’re looking for affiliates too.

Simply fill out this form to join the team or contact anne @ with any questions.

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