Affiliate – Valentine’s Day Sale 2018

We’re having a sale for Valentine’s Day!! Here’s some quick copy for your social media posts and newsletters and everything you need to know to share the sale. Remember to put your own spin on the language to make it really sell to your audience!

TLDR: 30% off VDAY Ebooks, 1/24 – 2/4, + free Valentines! Click HERE to jump to the swipe copy…

Sale details:

  • Valentine’s Day Sale runs 1/24 – 2/4.
  • Anything Valentine’s Day is 30% off on and Gumroad, no coupon needed. This includes:
    1. STEAM Kids Valentine’s Day EBook
    2. STEAM Kids Valentine’s Day EBook Bundle with the original STEAM Kids
    3. STEAM Kids All Book Bundle
    4. STEAM Valentines
    5. Valentine’s Day STEAM Challenge Cards
  • Free set of STEAM Valentines with any Valentine’s Day Ebook purchase.
  • Images are here:
  • Anyone that clicks over to from counts as a referral for you! So you can share the STEAM Challenge Cards and STEAM Valentines too.
  • Don’t forget to add your affiliate disclosure per FTC guidelines!!

Key URL’s With YOUR Affiliate ID # In Them!

      1. Valentine Category: 
      2. STEAM Kids Valentine’s Day EBook:
      3. STEAM Kids Valentine’s Day EBook Bundle:
      4. STEAM Kids All Book Bundle:
      5. STEAM Valentines (on Left Brain Craft Brain): LBCB link
      6. STEAM Valentines (shop page on
      7. Valentine’s Day STEAM Challenge Cards (on Left Brain Craft Brain): 
      8.  Valentine’s Day STEAM Challenge Cards (shop page on 

Swipe Copy

Click on the links below to get to the swipe copy you need! Your unique affiliate ID # is already added to the URL’s. You’ll hop over to another page for the newsletter swipe copy.

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  • Roses are red. Violets are blue. Chocolate is sweet and STEAM is too. #steamkids #stemeducation #valentinesday
  • Give your Valentine the gift of science, tech, engineering, art, and math this year!! #steamkids #stemeducation #valentinesday
  • 14 days of sweet STEAM (science, tech, engineering, art, and math) projects the kids will LOVE! #steamkids #stemeducation #valentinesday

Teacher Targeted:

  • Give your classroom Valentine’s Day celebration a taste of science and engineering with these fun projects! #steamkids #stemeducation #valentinesday
  • Valentine’s Day STEAM Challenges! A sweet celebration perfect for the classroom. #steamkids #stemeducation #valentinesday


  • Save 30% on STEAM Kids Valentine’s Day! Now through 2/4. #steamkids #stemeducation #valentinesday
  • Get a set of free printable STEAM Valentines with purchase of the STEAM Kids Valentine’s Day EBook! #steamkids #stemeducation #valentinesday

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